1. Cutting of walls

Cutting of walls can be carried out by a wall mill when the laying is made of brick or mixed materials with a hardness of up to 3 points on the Mohs scale (sandstone) at the level of the waterproofing layer. In case of wet or mixed laying and masonry with a hardness of 3 to 6 points on the Mohs scale, wall cutting is executed using a diamond-coated wire rope by dry cutting. Cutting of concrete laying and that made from very firm stones is carried out by a method of wet diamond cutting. A cut with a height of 16-20 mm is made through the entire wall. The length of the cut depends on the quality of the wall section. If necessary, the cut length is determined on the basis of a static calculation.

2. CLEANING of a cut

After the wall has been cut, the slit is cleaned. The process is first carried out by hand, and then – by a jet of air under pressure.


To ensure a tight fit of the waterproofing layer, it is necessary to compensate for the unevenness of the cut by laying a levelling course of the solution in it.


For compaction of a horizontal waterproofing layer, exclusively high-quality materials, which are laid in the slit of the cut with an overlap, are used. The waterproofing material consists of a bituminous melting base, which allows easy attachment of further horizontal and vertical insulation layers to it. The overlap width of two adjacent pieces of bitumen sheets is 10 cm. The overlap is glued with bitumen glue. A 2mm metal sheet No. 4571 can also be used as a reinforcement of the waterproofing layer, if it is required by a static calculation.    


In order to seal the joints a specially developed, rapidly solidified air-placed concrete applied by the shotcrete method is used. The substance reaches the strength of 5 N/mm2 after 15 minutes of setting, and 34 N/mm2 – after 28 days.